The Testement of Jessie Lamb
Her Living Image
The Ice is Singing
Mr Wroe's Virgins
Promised Lands
The Voyage Home
Separate Tracks, Faber 1983,

Orph is a strange, silent and friendless young man. Emma meets him when she spends her gap-year working in the children's home where he lives; she offers him a room in her university household. Amongst the students' love affairs and political agitations, Orph follows his own lonely and menacing course towards the greatest misunderstanding of all.


'The writing has a bony strength, the descriptive scenes are compelling though impressionistic, like a documentary screen come true.' Guardian

' There can be none better than Jane Rogers' harsh, lyrical and relentlessly realistic Separate Tracks. . . . This is a sad and dramatic story, deeply felt though never stridently written. It is a remarkable first novel, breaking new ground.' Financial Times

'Deftly, powerfully done. It deserves to rank with The Collector.' New Society

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