The Testement of Jessie Lamb
Seperate Tracks
Her Living Image
The Ice is Singing
Mr Wroe's Virgins
Promised Lands
The Voyage Home
TV Drama:

Mr Wroe's Virgins directed by Danny Boyle, starring Jonathan Pryce, Kathy Burke, Lia Williams, Kerry Fox and Minnie Driver. (4 x 60 mins; transmitted BBC2 Feb-March 1993, repeated Sept. 1993. USA, Sundance Channel, December 2000) BAFTA nominated.

Dawn and the Candidate C4, tx 18/11/1989 Single play, winner Samuel Beckett Award..

Radio :
The Testament Of Jessie Lamb, BBC r4 Woman’s Hour serial, tx June 17-21 2013
The Chrysalids, Radio 4 Classic Serial (adapted from John Wyndham’s novel) tx. July 22 and 29 2012
Red Enters the Eye, BBC radio 4 Afternoon play, tx. 28.01.2011

The Custom of the Country (Classic Serial, radio 4, adapted from the novel by Edith Wharton) tx January 3-17, 2010

'Hitting Trees with Sticks' Short story (National short story competition) radio 4 tx Dec 4 2009

The Age of Innocence - (classic serial, adapted from the Edith Wharton novel), tx January 2008

Dear Writer - , afternoon play starring Anna Massey, tx April 2008

The Bottle Factory Outing - Saturday afternoon play adapted from the novel by Beryl Bainbridge, BBC 4, tx 30.07.05

Lorna Doone - Woman's Hour serial, adapted from the novel by R.D.Blackmore, BBC 4 tx 20 - 31 st Dec 2004

The Inland Sea - Friday night play, BBC radio 4 tx 29.10.04

Island - Friday night play BBC Radio 4, tx 13.12.02

Shirley - 3 hour Classic serial adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel, BBC 4 tx July 7 - 21, 2002

Letter to an Icon - Mary Wollstonecraft Radio 4 August 1999

Diary of a Provincial Lady - Woman's Hour serial, BBC 4, tx. April - May 1999.

A Tragedy of Two Ambitions from the story by Thomas Hardy, Radio 4 afternoon play tx December 7, 1998
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